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LPO and Moment join forces to help war victims in Ukraine

This is how we can help Ukraine

LPO arkitekter AS and Moment Team AS join forces to help. We hope we can get the whole industry involved.
The war in Ukraine has lasted for 14 days. For 14 days we have sat outside and looked at something that is completely unreal. For 14 days, the Ukrainian people have lived in the middle of a war. Our thoughts go to all who are affected.

Moment usually has a team of ten skilled developers in Ukraine. At present, five of them are still in Ukraine. The last message is that they are safe.

We keep in regular contact with our colleagues, and we offer assistance and support and will welcome them into our homes if they come to Norway.

Still, we want to do more. Together with LPO architects, we now provide support to the Norwegian Refugee Council, which has been present in Ukraine since 2014 and helped over 700,000 people with food, shelter, water, sanitary services, and legal aid. The situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly chaotic. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing in search of security, and it is impossible to keep track of the number of people who have been forced to flee. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that as many as four million Ukrainians may seek refuge in other countries in the future.

LPO and Moment will therefore, in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council, initiate an invitation to all architectural firms (and others) to provide support to the Norwegian Refugee Council.

About NRC

In the coming days and weeks, NRC will focus on providing financial support, shelter, and water to people affected by the conflict. Among other things, they will contribute with support to transit centers and we will give families cash for rent so that they have access to temporary shelter and safe homes. They have also sent relief teams to Poland, Moldova, and Romania and will support the growing number of refugees in neighboring countries in cooperation with several local partners. The goal is to reach 800,000 people in Ukraine and neighboring countries over the next six months. More information about NRC and its emergency aid plan can be found here.

How can we help?

Vi håper dere også vil være med og støtte vår Ukrainaaksjon til Flykningehjelpen ved å donere ønsket beløp.

See more here how you can contribute (site in Norwegian)

Best regards,

Christian Nørgaard Madsen, Managing director - LPO arkitekter AS
Eivind Bøhn, CEO - Moment Team AS

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