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Moment + Timely: This is how Rocket uses machine learning for time registration

No one enjoys registering their hours

- but it needs to be done! 

  • If you sell hours, you must keep an overview of this 
  • We need to know how we spend our time, so we have sufficient capacity, avoid people working too much, and that we deliver the right effort in all projects

Rocket is a marketing agency that in addition to working with SEO, Google Ads, CRO, recruitment and web analytics, also works with digitization and automation.

At the core of the business, Moment is our heartbeat and cash register. Moment helps us to ensure profitability, have control over projects, resources, employees, contract details, and not least timekeeping.

The practice of conducting lessons is in line with watching paint dry and boring television theater. But, in addition to following the law and doing internal analysis, timekeeping is the basis for income in our consulting business.

In that sense, it is one of the most important things that happens in Rocket.

Machine learning suggests timekeeping

To reduce time spent on timekeeping, we use Timely. This solution has a tool that monitors the activity on the devices we use, in most of the applications we use - e.g. Slack, Office 365, the Google Suite, and all browsers.

Timely serves a proposal for our hours, which we can adjust and then automatically send over to Moment.

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Yesterday's timekeeping proposal was quickly corrected and transferred with clear guidelines.

Timely is not unique with this type of technology, there are other players out there - e.g. TimeBro. Common for Timely, Timebro and the other tools is that they are good at this one task, we need Moment as a total solution to be able to run Rocket in an efficient way.

Less timekeeping gives more time for digital marketing

With API queries from Timely, we feed time records into Moment. With Webhooks, we create customers and projects in Timely, as we create them in Moment. Time management is not more fun, but we do less punching and get higher precision - then we get more time to work with the core business, digital marketing.

2022-02-magnus-stromnes-boe This blog is written by: Magnus Strømnes Bøe - General Manager of Rocket 🚀