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Monterro is joining our team to expand Moment internationally

The investment company Monterro, which specializes in software companies in the Nordic region, will become the majority owner and inject growth capital into the Norwegian technology company Moment. - We have for a long time followed Norwegian technology companies in the B2B market with the potential to become world leaders in their segment. Moment is one such company. We have great faith in both the people and the product, and we look forward to working closely together and further developing the company, says Erik Syrén, partner in Monterro and incoming chairman of the board in Moment.

The Norwegian software company Moment offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that combines project management, time management, resource planning, quality assurance, and invoicing. They have had an annual growth of 50% five years in a row and aim for the same growth in the future. Many investment companies have shown interest in Moment, but they chose to open up to Monterro on the ownership side.

–Monterro stood out among the bidders. They invest not only money but also expertise. Monterro has a lot of knowledge about the industry and provides us with valuable expertise. We are confident that this is a good choice and that our partnership will push us forward and contribute to growth, says Eivind Bøhn, CEO of Moment. Monterro is now the majority owner, but Moment's entrepreneurs and key employees are also on the ownership side.

Monterro contributes with business development and scaling

Monterro has no intention of being passive owners in Moment. The company is an active owner who contributes expertise and resources to the software companies they invest in.

- We always work in partnership, and closely with the management and the owners of the companies we enter. Moment has a world-leading product and very satisfied customers. We are confident that the company has great international potential, says Roald G. Hunvik, country manager and partner in Monterro.

Growth and expansion in the Nordic region and internationally

Moment is well established with many loyal customers at home, and also has customers in 15 other countries. The company is already the market leader among architects in Iceland. Moment offers industry-specific solutions for architectural offices, engineers, creative professions, IT and consulting companies, and accounting firms. Now Moment will seriously expand and grow outside Norway's borders.

- So far, Moment's good reputation has given solid growth in Norway. Our ambition is to become a leading player in the Nordic region in a couple of years. We will grow organically and through acquisitions. We are now establishing a sales organization in Stockholm, and we will build a significant customer base in the Nordic region. We already see the strength in the partnership with Monterro, says Eivind Bøhn.

Eivind-BøhnEivind Bøhn, CEO Moment Team AS


Moment is technology-driven and customer-focused

Since its establishment ten years ago, Moment has always been technology-driven and has been concerned with creating a good product that solves customers' challenges. Torque is created to reduce duplication of work and provide more time and focus for core tasks and deliveries.

- Through close dialogue and collaboration with our customers, we have developed a product that simplifies their everyday life. Our technology can currently be integrated with over 50 systems and data flows seamlessly. I am proud of the good and close cooperation with our customers, and that they are satisfied with us, says Bøhn.

About Monterro 

monterroMonterro is a leading B2B software investor in the Nordic region, with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Munich and Hanoi. Our goal is to make Nordic software companies market-leading global players in their niches. With great success, our team has developed and led companies such as Pointsec, Episerver, Orc Software, Palette, and Lime. We bring operational experience to Monterro's portfolio, to support the companies' growth. Since 30% of the capital comes from our partners and employees, we sit in the same boat as the founders and management teams we invest in, and are committed and dedicated partners.

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