Elin Ulset Aug 4, 2021 10:59:59 AM 3 min lesetid

The Moment Story

The beginning...


This is the story of the journey from an architect needing a new system, developed something he could use, to today's modern system used by over 400 customers and 10,000 users.

It all started in the ‘80s. At that time, the father of Eivind (our CEO) worked as an architect and developed something they called TorpedoAdm. There was no major investment and launch, the system was developed by architects, for architects.

Eivind, who studied computer science, took up this product, which he thought was a good idea. He started the company as we know it in 2011, together with Reidar Øksnevad.

The product Moment came on the market in 2015, has since had an exciting journey with a growth of 50% per year.

Architects have been our core industry from the start. Now we have extended the journey further and everyone who works project-based has good benefit from Moment. Among other things, the following industries

  • Architects
  • Creative industry (advertising / design etc)
  • Engineers
  • IT
  • Consultants

We have started our journey to the rest of the world. We have had investments in Norway and Iceland for a while, and at the time of writing we are also setting up a team in Sweden and Denmark. We already have customers in 14 countries, and we will invest heavily abroad as well.

Today, 34 enthusiastic and committed employees work at Moment.

Eivind Bøhn (CEO), Helene Svelle (CIO), and Igor Orlov (Head of Development) are partners in the company, in addition to having their permanent assignments in Moment. Read more about our employees here.

Our goal is to create a good product for our customers so that they do not have a lot of non-billable time. They will free up time to run their core business, then we will fix the rest.

By minimizing paper use and less hardware (cloud-based solutions), we also make our contribution to a better environment.

We take our values ​​seriously, and all our development is done with our customer’s needs in the driver's seat. We invite our customers to input, discussion, and workshops.

Our Values:

Customer first


To be the preferred project management solution worldwide.


To improve project efficiency by delivering branch optimized operational software for all project based businesses.