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Track time in the app and check your projects while you are on the go

Mobil app forside mindre

Prosjektstyring og timeregistrering i app

Use Moment on your mobile to keep track of your projects while on the go.

With Moment Mobile you can

  • Register hours
  • Take a picture of receipts and upload directly to Moment
  • Update yourself on customers, projects and tasks

The app is updated frequently, and has become very popular among our customers. Download the app, log in with your user and get started.

More features in the app

  • Get an overview of the time use of all project participants: You have the opportunity to see your time use, both in total, monthly and weekly - for all participants on the relevant project

  • Switch between different companies: If you have access to several companies in your Moment account, you can easily switch between them

  • Travel and expenses: Take a picture of the travel receipt and upload it to the app. If you are not happy with the picture, you can take a new one

  • Notes on customers: You can read notes on your customers

  • Easy access to user documentation: On your profile page you will find a Help button that takes you directly to user documentation

  • My time: You see your hours in weekly view, so it is easier to keep track of the hours

  • Swipe left to delete: You can swipe left on a registered hour, this way you can easily delete or edit it.

  • Contact the customer directly from the app: Your contacts are now available in the app, and you can call or send e-mail directly from the app

  • Favorite projects: Choose to see only your favorite projects when scheduling

  • Register worked hours for several days at a time


Make your work life easier. Find the app on App Store and Google Play.