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Project management in Moment

Project management

Are you tearing your hair out dealing with cumbersome project management?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Moment is a project management software designed for everyone working project based. In Moment, you and your employees will work more efficiently, and save time on administrative tasks.

Project management tool

In Moment, you can work in a streamlined way with your projects - all the way from setting up an offer, to the final invoicing of the customer.

By having all project processes in the same system, you get an overview of the flow of the projects and your employees at all times. We promise that you'll spend less time on administrative tasks, and rather focus on customers and deliveries.

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Get a complete project management system:

  • Time management
  • Resource management
  • Quality control
  • Budget control
  • Invoicing
  • Travel & expenses
  • Overview of holidays and absences
  • Mobile app

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User-friendly and intuitive interface

Regardless of whether you are a project manager, project participant or a member of management, you will have access to the functions you need to keep an overview.

Developed in close collaboration with project-based industries

Moment's project management tool has been developed in close collaboration with different industries to shape the program so that it works optimally for project-managed businesses. These industries include architects, engineers, creative agencies, and consultants.

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Tools for project management adapted to both individual companies and groups

Moment's project management tool works well for both individual companies and groups of organizations (group structure). The system gives you the opportunity for interaction, for example if you share resources across the organisations.

Each employee has their own timesheet where all projects they work on are collected, regardless of which organization owns the project. This can also form the basis for automatic internal invoicing.


Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.
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Some of the things you can do in Moment's project management:

  • Resource overview (photo)
  • Adapted to your company's projects
  • Budget control
  • Notification of over-consumption of hours
  • Simple messages for change
  • Project plan
  • Time estimates



project-management   Project management and finance

Take full control of your projects by using Moments tags. That way you can tailor your projects, activities, and tasks. No two customers are the same, and therefore the projects will not be the same.

resource-management  Resource planning

Which consultants are available for assignments? And do we deliver to the customer as we promised? With resource planning, you get a capacity overview, an overview of who is busy with other projects or holidays, and lots more.

quality-assurance Quality assurance

You can ensure the deliveries to the customer, both that they align with the offer you have given the customer and that the deliveries follow the routines that must be done. You will receive checklists, registration of deviations, write evaluations, and take risk into account in Moment Quality System, based on principles from ISO 9001.

budget  Budget

Create a budget for your customers in Moment with estimated hours and fees. Send to customers and create projects directly from the budget with all data and no duplication.

task-manager  Task management

With detailed deliveries, you need good tools to handle tasks. Moments task board makes it easy

invoice  Invoicing

Create and send electronic invoices with a few keystrokes. You always see how much you have invoiced and what is left in your budget.

time-tracking  Timekeeping

You and your colleagues register hours in a clear time list that automatically calculates balances over overtime. Of course mobile-friendly for registration on the go.

travel-expenses   Travel & expense

Have you traveled to work and had expenses? Then you can easily register in Moment's module for travel expenses. Take photos with your mobile and upload them to your own inbox.

crm  Holidays and absences

Moment helps you keep track of all holidays and absences. Plan your vacation in advance and let your colleagues know when you will be away.


Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.