Energetic and 50 year old

4B ARCHITECTS turns 50 in 2021, and is a vigorous 50-year-old with assignments in housing, cultural buildings, historic restoration and rehabilitation. The office has 25 employees.

Moment user since December 2015

When Karianne started in 4B, there was a need for digitization of several functions. Among other things, they had a time registration system that was not integrated with other systems. Karianne mapped out what other systems were on the market and especially what other architectural firms used and were satisfied with. In this connection, Moment (or Torpedo as it was called at the time) appeared as one of several proposals.

«We chose Moment because we could collect our customer and project register, import history, register hours and not least invoice in one and the same system. The whole wheel of tasks in one app ».

Karianne further says that since the system was once developed by an architect, it was perhaps easier to sell it internally. Read the story of Moment.

Moment works well for us

"Moment gives me the overview I need", says Karianne who is responsible for project registration, assisting the project managers in planning and not least the finances of the projects. It is easy to create a basis for invoicing and reports go almost by themselves.

Moment also works well as a time registration system. It is used in holiday planning and provides a good overview of absences, which in turn affects resource planning, reports, and the finances of the projects.

Good customer service

Karianne tells us that she gets help quickly and get help to sort out her problems. "The technical insight of Moment's employees is very good and I quickly get the help I need," she says.

"If there is something you want to change or improve, it is my opinion that you are always positive about input. It has been very fun to follow the development of the system from 2015 until today ».

Integrations contribute to a smoother everyday life

4B has integration with Visma and its external accounting firm, this works very well, says Karianne.

Resource planning provides a better overview

Previously, 4B used other systems for this, but now Moment is also used here. 4B received a training program from Sturla in Moment, which was primarily aimed at resource planning and project structure, in order to be able to plan and evaluate projects better. Karianne says: “We had a good dialogue and mapping ahead of the course as well as a good implementation and follow-up with homework. It worked very well ».

Moment delivers

Sometimes you buy systems that promise a lot in the sales process, but when it comes to daily use, not all expectations are necessarily met. This does not apply to Moment, says Karianne. “Moment meets our needs. It is a short way from questions to answers and requests for changes. The system is in continuous development and Moment has a superb customer service. I can definitely recommend Moment ».



Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.