Ahead Group

The Challenge

The Ahead Group contains of several companies that had different challenges:

Oculos needed better management of resources and projects, as well as a good system for timekeeping across the organization. The accounting system had been implemented as an ERP and operational solution, but it was not flexible enough to adapt to their workflow. They had been looking for a new platform as far back as 2015 without finding a suitable solution. At the time Hyper, OMG, and Uniform were in a similar situation.

Redink and Elg needed a more flexible system that would allow them to share resources across companies. The solution they were using at the time, was not a future-proofed platform as it did not allow for integration with any external systems. This was a problem as this was required by operational changes in the Ahead Group. There was also not a well-integrated solution towards their ERP system.

Nova Vista, Varejo, and other subsidiaries were consolidating their operations and had for years developed their own platform for time tracking and expense management. Their ERP and project management platform for many years had lack of flexibility and non-intuitive interface made it difficult to comply with new operational requirements.

The start of the solution

In 2017 Oculos started using Moment for better management of resources and projects, as well as a good system for timekeeping across the organization. The system is used to automate offers and invoicing for several digital products and it also features integration with Jira so that their software developers keep their current workflow while at the same time transferring hourly consumption into Moment.

Tighter system integrations

Oculos required tighter system integration that includes invoice and expense transfer between Moment and their ERP system. Oculos changed their accounting system, all the while keeping Moment to manage projects, operations, and resources.

In 2019 all agencies in the group made the switch to Moment. Hyper, Uniform, and OMG moved first, then Nova Vista, Varejo, Redink, Elg, and all other subsidiaries.

The transition to Moment was made step by step and was coordinated centrally through a working group with Moment and Ahead Group key representatives. The roll-out, training, and initiation were anchored in the various companies by making individual onboarding plans, on top of the general plan for the group. The move to Moment was carried out according to the plan. Moment handled the data import from previous systems such as Marathon, Visma Business, Xledger, 24SevenOffice, and Float.

One of the key outcomes had been the harmonization of reporting across the companies in the group. This has been possible thanks to Moment's standardized but at the same time very flexible reporting tools.

Feedback from end-users is positive. They find the solution user-friendly and have their needs covered in a good way when it comes to time registration and project management.


About Ahead Group

Aller Media has brought together all its Norwegian agencies in a network under Ahead Group, which has under its umbrella the most competent and multi-disciplinary agency cluster in the Nordics.

Ahead Group Norway comprises today the companies HyperRedink, Oculos, Nova Vista as well as a few smaller subsidiaries. A total of 11 companies in the group have moved to Moment. The agencies have strong market positions within digital marketing, CRM, performance marketing, content marketing and experience-based marketing. In total, the companies have a turnover of approx. NOK 450 million and count over 200 employees. The group is owned by Aller Media, with headquarters in Copenhagen.
+250 Employees
Started using Moment: 2017

Advicia, Elg, HyperRedink, Hyper (merged), Nova Vista, OMG (merged), Oculos, Redink (merged), Redink Vest, Retail House Varejo and Uniform (spun off)

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Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.