Aider Regnskap

Naturally, we found each other

Aider is a competence house that will redefine the accounting industry, and that always thinks ahead. On Aider's website, we can read "Accounting is no longer what it used to be - we shape what it becomes." We also have such an attitude in Moment. So it was only natural that we found each other. We talked to department head Linda Sunde to hear why they chose Moment.

"This is a strategic choice for us, then we must also have a strategic partner who is with us on the journey," says Linda about why they chose Moment.

As accountants, we work with routines, several repetitive tasks that go on autopilot. But that nonetheless is very important. Routines that we can on rams and in the blind, but which can also be done better. Own deviation control in Moment follows up on this. Which routines are good and which ones can we improve on.

Linda and her team are working on using even more functions in Moment, such as using the offer module to create assignment agreements.

In line with Linda's strategic approach to the system, they use many of Moment's functions and even more will be used in the near future. - We are committed to being good advisers to our customers, and Moment is a good tool for seeing the overall picture and proactively following up our customers.

Continuous learning

“One thing is to talk about that we have a process of continuous learning, something completely different is to practice it. To do that, we need a good tool. For us, this will be, among other things, Moment. ” says Linda.

In a society where the pace of change is as fast as clockwork, Moment and Aider have regular meetings. Precisely to meet the requirements of the industry and to be close to our customers.

Flexible cooperation

To ensure a good start and onboarding, and because we at Moment like to be close to our customers, we have regular meetings with our developers and Aider. This collaboration benefits both parties, precisely to take continuous learning seriously.

Tailor-made for your processes

By using Moment, you can define what is "best practice". So you can use the system to get the best out of yourself and your company.

One system does not make a company better in itself, but it helps to have a good system, Linda concludes before rushing on to other tasks.

Aider is a competence house that aims to redefine the entire accounting industry. At the core is the philosophy that accountants are first and foremost advisers - and that correct accounting is not the goal itself, it's just the beginning. With tomorrow's technology and the industry's most talented people, Aider creates value for customers throughout the Nordic region.

Aider is growing rapidly, and today has more than 250 employees across 10 offices.


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