Degree of Freedom

The road to Moment

We heard from some architects we cooperate with about Moment. They said that it was a good tool for managing projects. Project management is important in what we do, this is where we can have control of the bottom line. We are completely dependent on getting the money in, and having control.

We wanted to have control over the implementation of the projects and that we can quickly get a complete picture of each project, whether we make money or not. Likes the possibility of notification when you have spent so many hours. It is important for the client that we notify and possibly changes budget. Otherwise it could be a loss for us.

We therefore contacted Moment and got a nice demo. At first it seemed extensive, but as we became familiar with the system, it was and is easy to find out.

We have an import with our accounting system, which also offers us project management. But they have nowhere near what Moment has, and we are very happy to choose Moment.

Onboarding and training

We have a small office in Oslo and have a sister office in Spain. That Moment also offered us training and introductory courses in Spanish was not crucial but very nice for our Spanish colleagues. We had a good dialogue and got quick answers.

We felt we were well taken care of with the start-up, and had both Trond (salesman) and Mauricio (onboarding/support) who helped us with a smooth start-up.

The workflow in Moment

We have recently started with Moment, so we are still in the training phase. We have some young project managers who contribute with good ideas, and to create start-up templates on projects.
With the start-up of Moment, we have also seen that in some places we lack good routines, which we hope to put in place as a result of using Moment.

Positive change

Moment has added a positive change to our routines, we have even better control. We immediately see if there is a project we have not invoiced, and how the finances in the individual projects are.

About Degree of Freedom

Degree of Freedom is a consulting engineering office in construction, with an international focus on offices in Oslo, Valencia, and Athens. We design bridges, buildings, and special constructions, in wood, steel, and concrete. We are architecture-oriented and innovative.

We like working with innovative architects who challenge gravity and the engineer's creativity. For this reason, we develop optimized structural systems that are achieved through a close interplay between the creative design process and the most advanced analysis techniques.


Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.