Understood the logic intuitively

Steinar got in touch with Moment for the first time in 2017, when they were in the process to move from paper-based systems to a digital project management system. Several systems were considered, and Moment came out best. The first thing Steinar noticed with Moment was the user interface. Steinar says: "I, who is not an architect or engineer, understood where I found things"

Good cooperation equal good product

Steinar further says that he experiences Moment as cooperative, and eager to put in place new functionality. For example, the offer module has come afterward (Mestergruppen became a customer in 2017), which works very well. In addition, Mestergruppen has been a driving force behind the quality module and uses both checklists and routine descriptions to the full.

High volume requires good systems

Mestergruppen has many projects per year, over 2000! With so many projects, it is important to have good systems.

“Moment is great. Moment helps us to keep track of our high volume and over 70 employees”, says Steinar, who emphasizes that Moment helps them keep control and overview.

In addition, the use of tags is valuable - it allows us to build a system and structure on follow-up of projects and activities.

Mestergruppen has, among other things, integration with Holte and Visma, and thinks that the interactions also work well and make everyday life easier.


About Mestergruppen

Mestergruppen Arkitekter (architects) headquarter is located in Bodø, with departments in Trondheim, Klepp and Tønsberg. Their 80 employees carry out more than 2,000 projects per year.

Steinar Vaag started up in Unikus. Unikus, together with Blinkhus Arkitekter, Klepp engineering, and Nordbohus technical department, became the Master Group Architects in October 2019

Mestergruppen Arkitekter's projects are primarily linked to the member companies of the house chains (BlinkHus, Nordbohus, Mesterhus and Systemhus)

The best thing about Moment?

When asked what is the best thing about Moment, Steinar does not hesitate until he answers;

  • Fast response on the customer support
  • Good answers regarding what to do when things do not work
  • Low threshold for new employees to start using the system
  • Willingness to innovate from Moment

Steinar and his people have participated in some webinars allows us and will recommend these to those who are completely new to the system.

"When a system works well, there is no reason to look at other systems", says Steinar and he concludes: "The most important thing is that I feel that I have always been well received. A low threshold to be heard. Moment is a people-oriented company - they see me"

We appreciate the chat with Steinar and look forward to furthering good collaboration.


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