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From frustration to relief

Kathrine discovered Moment through other design agencies. After a couple of meetings, it became obvious that the system was adapted to designers' way of working, and would be the right solution for Minoko.

"Moment appeared to be well-adapted, practical and easy to understand."

The transition to Moment started in August 2019.

“We experienced extremely good follow-up from Moment's side. We received quick feedback and support when we had questions. You solved our challenges along the way incredibly well”

The designers' previous frustration was turned into relief in Moment. Now they are very happy, and lead hours more often as well as more accurately.

80% less work

Because Minoko works very closely and personally with its customers, they need to be on-site and write travel invoices. This was incredibly time consuming and frustrating in the old solution.

“The travel expense module is very good and helps us a lot, this was cumbersome before. It's easy to control, approve and create reports for the accounting office. ”

Kathrine now spends much less time setting up and managing projects. In addition, she gets a much better overview of the profitability of each project, which makes it "easier to put the impact where things can be improved."

Kathrine estimates that she spends 80% less time on administrative tasks than before. This means that she can now focus more time and effort on marketing the company. "You do not want to spend a lot of time on administration".


Oslo and Levanger, Norway
10 employees


  • Product design
  • Digital services
  • Strategy

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Since August 2019

  • Project planning
  • Resource management
  • Time tracking
  • HR and absence
  • Invoicing


Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.