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Smarter project management for digital marketing agencies | Rocket

Rocket uses Moment for financial project management

Read the statement from CEO Magnus Strømnes Bøe about how Moment helps them manage their projects better:

When you start a company, you lack all of the business systems. To succeed, control of finances is crucial. Rocket uses Moment to ensure their projects are managed in a financially stable way. It is absolutely essential to have control over the finances, in the same way as being brilliant at our subject digital marketing.

As part of the NOVA group, Rocket's birth became much easier because we started out with a selection of systems the the other companies in the group already had evaluated, tested and came to the table with a selection of systems in place that the other companies in the group had already tested and could vouch for.

Moment is for us a very central system for being able to conduct what we call financial project management. Moment is closely integrated with our accounting system, AI for timekeeping and Power BI.

What we really value with the project management in Moment is: 
  • A good API - which allows us to work more efficiently with third-party systems
  • A rich reporting system - which allows us to reactively do analyzes.
  • A smart way to handle complex invoices with activities. For example when we sell SEO services, there may be partial deliveries to the service in addition to it. Like web analysis, advertising and CRO. This is easily set up in Moment. This way of conducting financial project management simplifies invoices and gives us the control that is needed.
  • A rich selection of integrations that are ready to use. This is extremely valuable to us, because it makes us able to work efficiently with re-invoicing on a project
  • Moment has a very good forecasting functionality. It is easy for us to see what capacity we have to take in new projects and clients.
  • Use of tags: The use of tags is underestimated, we use it a lot and that means that we get the level of detail we need from third parties.

About Rocket - a digital marketing agency


Senior competence in digital marketing

We only employ people with at least 4 years of experience in their professional discipline and place high demands on continuing education among those who work at Rocket. We do not have a B-team or junior team, Rocket consists of people with practical experience with many different types of projects on the conscience.

Business understanding first, then implementation

Our expertise lies in SEO, CRO, web analytics, advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook / Meta, but business understanding is most important. This is reflected in who works in the agency and how assignments and projects are solved.

Getting to know the business is essential to success. Based on that understanding, plans are made, measures are implemented and in light of the business goals, the effect is measured.

A partner on inhousing

Recruitment is a service that Rocket also focuses on. Marketing as a subject area has grown tremendously in the last twenty years due to digitalisation, which in turn opens up access to larger markets. For example, an electronics store in Sandefjord, can serve customers throughout Norway. Good helpers in the form of consultants are important, but having good people inside your business is crucial. In recruitment, Rocket operates differently than a typical recruitment agency:

  • What roles should you have in-house?
  • What type of expertise do you need? Rocket's employees have hired hundreds of specialists and generalists - and also have experience in onboarding and making them successful.
  • How do you find the right work processes? It is the combination of the right people and the right work processes that gives the desired effect. Rocket is with you on the journey after you have hired your new colleague.

We do not believe that your agency should do everything for you, but rather be a sparring partner on strategy, an implementer of measures, a trainer on tactics and help you become self-help when it is right. Going forward, a stronger marketing department will be the right move. We know that our role as an agency is changing.

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