— "Moment makes sure that we, typically juggling 2-5 projects on hourly basis every day, save a lot of time."

Kenneth L. Edvardsen, Managing Director and Senior Engineer at Byggetek

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Is your business project-based?

Moment gives you the detailed, real-time picture of each project and its progress, as well as the overview you need of your business as a whole.

We understand that time is money and that precision is key to success. The system is designed to help you in everything necessary to excel at project management; such as careful resource planning, efficiency in processes, close monitoring of all stages and contributors, informed plans and decision making, and responsiveness to change.

Moment is powerful but simple to use for everyone involved. Thus, you can save valuable time on many levels — and make more hours billable!

Co-workers report hours on the go, anywhere using any device.

Time tracking

Each user can access Moment from their preferred devices. Everyone has their own timesheet where hours can easily be registered, specified, and tracked on projects.

Moment calculates banked hours and allows tracking of overtime. Planned vacation and leave can be logged in advance, giving an overview of capacity. Time records and planned absences can be monitored and reviewed by Project leaders.

Project-centred structure

Moment is a project-based system. Whether internal or external, Moment allows you to fully customize and control your projects on different levels using activities and tasks.

Projects in Moment have a variety of features to assist with project management. Notably, the Project plan feature allows you to track costs and income in real-time as the project progresses.

Projects can be set up with different price models such as fixed price, hourly rate, non-billable, subscription or based on an offer. More than one price model can be used within the same project for optimal flexibility, making it possible to accommodate change orders.

Resource planning

Manage budgets and estimate profits as projects progress.

Optimize project staffing using Capacity overview and Reservations. These features also allow you to prevent overbookings.

Moment also gives you full overview of available co-worker hours adjusted for national holidays, absences, sick leave, vacation, leave of absence and planned changes in employment.


Moment is made to help you streamline the process of invoicing. Generate draft invoices with detailed hour specifications based on project settings, co-worker time records, and registered expenses. You can easily edit the draft if amendments are necessary and attachments are supported.

Finalized invoices can be easily sent via e-mail/ EHF, or printed for mailing.

You can also send payment reminders using Moment, and see all invoice, payment, and reminder history.

Make sure to be one step ahead

Key performance indicators for your business

Gain a thorough, up to date understanding of how your business is performing through a variety of reports and graphs.

KPIs on coworkers, customers, projects and corporate level give you an overview of anything from employee absences to revenue and profitability.

Historical data is saved to facilitate planning and pricing of future offers and projects.

We are here for you :)


As a Moment user, you'll find any help you may need within easy reach. We look after our customers, listen to them and are pleased to see that Moment user satisfaction is very high.

The built in "contact us"-function in Moment, which includes screen sharing, helps us help you. You can also reach us via phone, email or face-to-face appointments.

Empower your business with Moment!

Efficient, profit boosting, and user friendly

Small start-ups, medium sized businesses, and corporations are all more efficient and profitable with Moment. Our engaging, easy to use system is simple to implement among employees, reducing time used on a number of administrative tasks.

Moment gives a real-time overview to help you plan and manage projects. With a complete picture of resource usage, costs and revenue, you can make the best decisions for your business.

Avoid duplicates and allow important information to be transferred between your systems


Do you need to transfer data to or from your accounting system? We provide solutions for the most used systems on the market including Tripletex, Azets Connect, Visma, 24SevenOffice, PowerOfficeGo, Xledger, Navision and more. We are happy to consider establishing integration to other systems on request.

We also provide a modern REST-based API for retrieving and updating information in Moment. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in using it.

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Time registration made easy

Each co-worker register their hours in a user friendly timesheet-interface, accessible on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Projects are core

In Moment, projects are core. Hours, expenses/purchases, resource bookings and invoices are all linked to projects. You can make projects stand out using photos and illustrations.

Map interface

We can also give you a good overview of projects (and customers) by placing them on a map interface for you.

Quality assurance

Examples of functionality in Moment:

- Identify requirements by checklists and tasks

- Register, document and close nonconformities

- Evaluate projects, customers and external companies

- Document competency

- Risk assessment

- Routines

ISO 9000 is a family of standards. By combining principles of quality management from ISO 9000 and "ISO 9001 Requirements for a quality management system", Moment offers a system where employees can systematically fulfill quailty assurance routines in daily work.

Invoicing and statistics on customer level

All projects are linked to customers to enable invoicing and statistics on customer level. Corporate customers can be automatically fetched from national registries (subject to availability in customer country), which saves time and ensures reliable customer data.

My pages

Each co-worker will see an overview of completed work and upcoming tasks relevant to that person.

Profile page

Moment administrators see a profile page for each co-worker with individual access control, statistics and self-cost.

Co-worker overview

The co-worker overview page can serve as the company's internal contact directory. Co-worker may be tagged with location, areas of expertise and much more.

Leave of absence

Co-workers register absence directly in their timesheet. Thus we can produce a nice overview of vacation, leave of absence, illness etc. for your business as a whole.


The company backlog, adjusted for vacation and changes in employment. At what time are you fully booked and when do you need to actively seek new business?


Create a project plan to forecast profitability and allocate the necessary resources to your project.


Keep track of your company's progress and compare key performance indicators over time.

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